glaze [glāz]
glazed, glazing [ME glasen < glas, GLASS]
1. to fit (windows, etc.) with glass
2. to give a hard, glossy finish or coating to; specif.,
a) to overlay (pottery, etc.) with a substance that gives a glassy finish when fused
b) to make the surface of (leather, etc.) glossy by polishing, etc.
c) to cover (foods) with a glassy coating of sugar syrup, gelatin, etc.
d) to coat (a painted surface) with a semitransparent color
3. to give (the eyes) a glassy look
4. to cover with a thin layer of ice
1. to become glassy or glossy
2. to form a glaze
a) a glassy finish, as on pottery
b) any substance used to produce this
2. a coat of semitransparent color applied to a painted surface to modify the effect
3. a substance, as hardened sugar syrup or gelatin, forming a glassy coating on foods
4. a film or coating, as on the eyes
5. a thin coating of ice

English World dictionary. . 2014.


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